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Learn to effectively maximize your content management software through Drupal. It is open source with compex yet easy to understand APIs for multichannel publishing.

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Introduction Videos
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Learn some of the basics through these introduction videos on the latest version: Drupal 9. This version was released on June 3, 2020.

Basic Concepts
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How To Install Drupal 9 on Mac

Guide on Drupal 9
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What is Drupal?

Drupal comes with a lot of nice basic features, such as simple content writing, dependable speed, and strong security. But it's flexibility that sets it distinct; modularity is one of its guiding principles. Its features assist you in creating the flexible, organized material required for dynamic online experiences.

Anyone may install, utilize, collaborate on, and share it. It is based on values such as teamwork, globalization, and creativity. It has a user interface that makes it simple to generate and post content. With completely customizable interfaces, the technology can accept a limitless number of capabilities.

Who Uses and
How is Drupal Used?

There are thousands of websites that are made possible through the use of Drupal. Simply looking at their official website, there are tons of links to choose from. In addtion, people that need a blog, personal website, online stores, or support forums are optimal candidates to try Drupal.

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