About videodrupal.org

This community website is a curated mashup of Drupal videos published on Youtube to make them more accessible for personal, educational and professional purposes.

You'll find a deeper description of the site here.

As this website is aimed to serve the Drupal community, it's free and will stay free forever. To do so, we need the financial support of several sponsors to host the site (Thank you Platform.sh !) and to maintain it on a regular basis.

Purposes of the site

The main purposes of the site are:

1. Be a central point to easily find Drupal videos
2. Allow to discover trending topics  
3. Help beginners and advanced drupalers to learn Drupal
4. Allow the community to tag videos to improve search results
5. Spread personal or community efforts to promote Drupal

1. Be a central point to easily find Drupal videos

(Beta 1.0)

To achieve this goal, you have several options:

1.1. Using the advanced search functionalities
You can use the search bar or navigate directly to the search page. The search results can be ordered by date, views, likes and relevance but can be also filtered by facets like published year or month, tags, channels and playlists.

1.2. Accessing the latest Drupal videos
The easier way to access the latest Drupal videos is to navigate to the search page where the videos are ordered by date by default. You can also check the "Latest Drupal Videos" block in the home page.

1.3. Navigating to the playlists pages
You can easily find the latest videos recorded at DrupalCamp or DrupalCon. You can also navigate to the latest playlists here.

2. Discover trending topics

(Beta 1.0)

The best way to discover trending topics is to access the "Most Watched" and "Most Liked" block of the home page or to navigate to the search page and order the results by "view count" or "likes", you can narrow your search with the available facets.

3. Help beginners and advanced drupalers to learn Drupal.

(Beta 1.0)

Through the "Learn Drupal" page, beginners and advanced drupalists will find playlists and videos to learn Drupal, curated by our team members.

In each video node a "Related Video" Block will help the viewer find more videos related to the subject.                      

4. Community tagging

(Beta 2.0)

In the Beta 2.0 version, the community will have the opportunity to tag any video to improve the search results as we found that in many cases, the original video tagging has a lack of precision.

How do we curate the videos?

We select the videos based on their overall quality. To do this, we first start by analyzing the channel.
If it's a community channel with more than ten videos, we gather all the videos and playlists. We trust in our community, so there is nothing to curate in that case.
If it's not a community channel, we first check if the channel has a learning Drupal dedicated playlist. If so, we gather all the videos of this playlist. If not, we quickly analyze each Drupal video with the following key factors in mind:

- Is the video in English? (Yes, this sounds weird, but we want to keep the project simple at this time. We're looking for a sustainable multilingual solution to implement in the beta 4.0)
- Is the sound quality good enough to understand clearly what the speaker is saying?
- Is the video about learning or promoting Drupal?
- Is the subject addressed in a clear and understandable way for the end user?

We do NOT modify the content of the video in any way.

We strongly believe that maintaining a small set of high-quality Drupal videos will help to make this project a success. You can help submitting a channel, a playlist or a video by clicking here.

Who is behind VideoDrupal.org?

At this time, we are just two: Karim Boudjema and Santiago Rico. We generally work on this site late in the afternoon, at night or during the weekends. That's not always easy but we are so excited to do that for the community which has given us so much during the last ten years.


You'll find a deeper description of the site here.

If you have any suggestions, please contact us.


Hi! I'm Karim Boudjema, the developer and site-builder of this site.

I was wondering how could I giving back to the Drupal community all what it gave to me during the last 10 years, that's how the idea of this site came to me ... (read more)

Hi! I’m Santiago Rico, the web designer and themer of this site.

When Karim proposed me to design and theme this site for the Drupal community, I accepted immediately because the community is the main reason why I love Drupal so much.