DrupalCon Dublin 2016: Drupal 8 and the Panels Ecosystem

Sep 29, 2016

Panels is one of the most heavily used contrib modules on real world Drupal site. Developers and site builders alike use it to customize the display of pages on their site with custom layouts and block placement/configuration tools. In addition to this a host of other modules which leverage Panels in order to customize the output of nodes and blocks exist. Come see the current state of Panels and it's budding ecosystem of modules and integrations in Drupal 8 (Specifically In Place Editor, Panelizer and Page Manager).

Things we'll cover:

General Demo of the modules working in Drupal 8
Custom Pages via Page Manager
Panelizing view modes of Entity Bundles
Multiple panelized defaults for a view mode
Allowing content creators and editors to select a panelized default
Customizing a specific entity's output via Panelizer
Revision handing and customization reverting
Render caching
Current feature parity as compared to Drupal 7
Where are we
What's the benefit/drawback as compared with D7
Missing features
Future development
Low hanging fruit
UI Improvement plans
Even if you know nothing about Panels at all, this session will give you a view of what is currently possible in Drupal 8 and put some solid new tools in your toolbox for your next Drupal 8 build.

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