Social API: D8's Authentication and Posting Suite for Social Networks

Apr 29, 2018

Speaker(s): Slurpee, gvso

Almost every website interacts with 3rd party systems and majority of these systems are social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Take away the ability to authenticate users with every social network and post content in Drupal 8.

All skill levels are encouraged to attend this presentation to see how easy it is to connect social networks into Drupal 8 with simple point/click demos.

Learn about Drupal 8's new suite of modules making up the Social API
Authenticate users with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with a demo of the Social Auth module
Post content to/from Drupal 8 using a demo of Social Post Twitter and Social Post Facebook
Stop searching for various social network related modules and start utilizing a common API embraced by the community saving everyone's time!
Attendees will learn about Social API, suite of related components, and how to implement modules in Drupal 8. As a bonus, learn the history of how this module suite was coded, maintained/supported, and the story behind everything based on Google Code-In (ages 13-17) and Google Summer of Code (university) students.

Did you know that Google funded 2 students (gvso and himanshu-dixit) for Social API with about $11,000 in development during Summer of Code? Did you know the GCI students ages 13-17 have been writing the patches and testing this module? Lucky for Philadelphia, gvso is and Slurpee live close by and will be available to share this knowledge in person!

Learn the story of Social API told by GSoC/GCi admin Slurpee (Matthew Lechleider). It will be truly magical to see the progress of students who only recently learned about Drupal, became a rockstar developers, and ultimately attend a Drupalcon to fully embrace them into our community. Meet a real life GSoC student!…

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