Demystifying Composer

Feb 03, 2019

David Hernandez

We've started embracing the world of Composer, the PHP dependency manager. However, it has become one of the biggest pain points reported by Drupal 8 developers. Once using Composer with Drupal, you can no longer simply download zip files to manage your project.

I will go over Composer basics; starting from scratch, and going step-by-step through a full project build. I will also go over why this has been so difficult with Drupal.

This will cover many of the topics and steps in a tutorial I've posted on Github.

Topics this will include:

Composer.json and composer.lock files
Adding dependencies and development dependencies
Adding repositories
Managing version numbers
Scaffolding and scripts
Using the create-project command
Who Should Attend
Back-end Developers
Front-end Developers
Site Builders
Sys Admins
This is beginner level information, but one should be familiar with Drupal 8 folder structures and basic command line usage. Familiarity reading JSON files will also help.

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