On Moving Mountains: Lessons for Migrating Data and Content for your Next Drupal Project

Feb 04, 2019

Marcus Iannozzi
Aaron Bauman

We’ve all been there before: your website is ready to go, and all you need is the content. Five months later, you are still writing, posting, and facing yet another launch delay. Or, you have mountains of data to clean and migrate, which you haven’t gotten to or, even worse, doesn’t import well once you do. In many cases, these scenarios emerge when migration planning is only discussed late in the project. There are practical and efficient ways to mitigate the tremendous risk that content and data migration pose for a website or CRM project.

In this session, you will learn key strategies for making content and data migration an integral part of your project—from day one. You'll learn about strategies as well as Drupal tools you can use to make the job easier.

Who Should Attend
Back-end Developers
Project Managers
Site Builders
Sys Admins


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