Local development environments panel discussion

Feb 17, 2019

Local Drupal development can be tricky, especially with so many tooling choices. Having an environment that works for you is important whether you're a developer, tester, designer, or any sort of stakeholder. In this session, we'll review a few of the tools available (there are 37+ for Drupal at last count), their features, and meet some of the folks who build and use them. They'll all be spending time at the "Genius Bar" if you have more in-depth questions or want to get started installing.

This will be a panel discussion. Possible topics:

Drush and Drupal Console support
Remote host support
Pre-made configurations
Custom configurations
Integrations with other services
On-going support
PHP options
Windows, MacOS, Linux support
Integration with hosting platforms
and more...

AmyJune Hineline
Community Ambassador at Kanopi
I am a Support Admin and Community Ambassador for Kanopi Studios. I have been an active participant in the Drupal community for almost 3 years by contributing to projects and helping with documentation. I am an active organizer of the A11yTalks meet-up and am passionate about accessible information for all. Along with awareness, there is acceptance and action...

Other Gems and Oddities include but aren't limited to:

• I am the youngest of five sisters and have survived, proving I am either good at communicating or at talking myself out of deadly situations.

• I eat with my elbows on the table.

• I like to think that I can play the guitar, but mostly I have my headphones on while listening to someone better and imagining its me.

Kevin Bridges
Founder & CTO at Drud Tech

Will Jackson
Drupal Engineer at Kanopi Studios

John Ouellet
Sales Engineering Manager at Tandem
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During Florida DrupalCamp there will be a tournament of epic protortions.

There can only be one champion.

Elli Ludwigson
Content Strategist at Open Strategy Partners
Drupal Core Mentoring Lead

Jesus Manuel Olivas
Head Of Products at WeKnow

Tess Flynn
DevOps Engineer at TEN7
Docker, Drupal, Automation and terrible movies. Maintainer of Flag and Healthcheck. "That's wench, not wrench."

Mike Pirog
Co-Founder at Tandem
Co-Founder at @thinktandem & @kalamuna, inventor of @kalabox & @lando, admirer of @patcon


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