#VoiceFirst: Ready Your Content to Serve 50% of Global Searches

Feb 23, 2020

20% of Global searches is Voice-based and by 2020; this number will increase to 50%. If that does not bother a content creator or marketer! I am not sure what will!

Search is changing, and so is the way consumers choose to engage with businesses locally or globally. There is a distinct move away from screens and keyboards, and into voice-based interactions. Voice search is becoming a fast-growing habit across consumer segments and fundamentally transforming how people and businesses transact on the internet.

Consider this:

According to Technavio, the voice recognition market will be a massive $601 million industry by 2019.
Christmas 2017, the Amazon Echo Dot was the best-selling holiday gift
Here are some key takeaways:

Why a voice content strategy is critical for enterprises
How and Why to make your content future proof
The differences between voice-based and web-based content, and how that affects the user experience
The basics of optimizing your content for voice search
Why bots should be your next strategic investment

Implementation of Speakable schema and how that works.
A quick view of the schemas important for the VSO
Example of sites ranking in the Voice

Gaurav Mishra
COO- North America at Srijan
Gaurav is a Chief Operating Officer North America at Srijan Technologies with 11+ years accomplished career track in building enterprise partnerships.

He is currently involved in delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains in highly competitive U.S. and Asia markets.

He has a deep understanding of evolving technology trends, their impact on enterprises, and emerging tech solutions.


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