Winning at Work: 7 Secrets to Communicating Well

Feb 23, 2020

Human beings love to win. One could say we are wired to win, and typically, we enjoy our victories best when shared.

This session will illuminate 7 secrets to Better Communication, including...

The challenges and advantages we receive from our core brain/body evolutionary programming
The power of deliberate, structured communication
How the relationship with Self affects the relationship to others and to the collective
How to cultivate a positive orientation for problem-solving (rather than negative orientation which leads mostly to complaining!)
What win-win means (and it’s not I give a little, you give a little, and we are both compromised and disgruntled)
How maintaining two levels of awareness can harness the true power of your mind
Why winning feels so good: the power of gratitude and acknowledgment.

Jacqueline Young
front-end web developer at Tenderwolf Industries
Jacqueline Young, aka Jacqui Tenderwolf, is a recent graduate of Drupal Career Online, a Drupal career preparatory program through DrupalEasy Academy, licensed by the Florida Department of Education, She is in the process of changing careers, transferring 20 years of experience working with teams, clients, and deadlines in the auction business into the Drupal front end. She is working with three Drupal mentors to accelerate the career change and is building an auction appraisal website as a bridge.…

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