SF Drupal User's Group - April 9, 2020 - Layout Builder components can break your site. Here's how.

Apr 17, 2020

Layout Builder components can break your site. Here's how.
There are several types of components you can make and use with Layout Builder. This session will explain why certain component types will break critical features of Drupal, including page revisioning, Workflow and Workspaces—and possibly more features if they depend on any sort of revisioning.

Why does this happen? These features are not yet ready to handle certain component types and may not handle complex data structures in your custom components. These complex data structures may be as simple as a parent-child relationship in a slide carousel.

If you aren't careful, features you or your customer thought would work, won't.
The types of components we will examine are Custom Global Blocks, Custom Inline Blocks, Content Field Blocks, and Programmatic or System Blocks. We will review both Internally Revisioned and Externally Revisioned components and will study both simple and complex component data structures.

Even if you are not making custom components, site designers, site builders and developers should be familiar with the pitfalls presented here to ensure critical Drupal features don't break while they explore the wonderful new world of Layout Builder.

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