Backdrop CMS: a LTS version of D7 on steroids (Everything you wanted from D7 w/o the D8 overhead)

May 01, 2020

Presented by Greg Netsas

Perhaps you currently own or support Drupal 7 sites, and you don't see Drupal 8/9 as a good fit for them moving forward. Maybe you are simply happy with Drupal 7, and for whatever reason you are not ready to make the move any time soon; at the same time, you may be concerned about the fact that Drupal 7 will become EoL by the end of 2021. If you see yourself in all these cases, then this session is for you!

Join me to find out how Backdrop is like Drupal, as well as how it differs. Lets discuss about why Backdrop is viewed as the continuation of Drupal 7 (a long-term support version of it if you like), while at the same time comes packed with many of the features that Drupal 8 has to offer + many new, unique features. I personally call it "D7 on steroids", as it comes with features and sensible options out of the box, which save site builders time. It also includes many admin UI fixes and improvements that make working with it less annoying :)

I plan for this to be a hybrid presentation/demo + open discussion; happy to discuss all the why's and the how's, so feel free to interrupt and ask anything you want to know about Backdrop CMS.

The Backdrop community has been very busy working on the CMS since 2015 when we forked from Drupal 7, and I plan to showcase all the new features and the UI/UX improvements we've added over the years.…

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