Frontend Performance for Craft CMS Websites

May 01, 2020

Presented by Justin Holt

Let's explore some concepts to improve our Craft CMS application performance, both perceived and measurable. Template caching, prefetch and prerender attributes, responsive and next-gen format images with Imager, and more. We can help get your application Lighthouse and YSlow scores up and through the roof (it is possible!)

Hi! I'm Karim Boudjema, the developer and site-builder of this site.

I was wondering how could I giving back to the Drupal community all what it gave to me during the last 10 years, that's how the idea of this site came to me ... (read more)

Hi! I’m Santiago Rico, the web designer and themer of this site.

When Karim proposed me to design and theme this site for the Drupal community, I accepted immediately because the community is the main reason why I love Drupal so much.