When there's not a module for that

May 01, 2020

Presented by Benjamin Melançon

You've built sites with Drupal 8 and know that with a few dozen modules (and a ton of configuring), you can do nearly everything in modern Drupal.

But what do you do when there's not a module for that? Or the ones that exist don't quite meet your needs?

You make your own.

This session will help you take that step. All you need to do is write two text files. The first file tells Drupal about the module; it’s not code. The second file can have as little as three lines of code in it. Making a module is something that anyone can do. There are many (mostly simple) rules to follow and tons of tools to use—and lots of exploration to do. Every person developing a module is still learning.

Learning Objectives
In this hands-on session, you will:

Learn how to decide when to make your own module.
Write a module that plays well with Drupal core and other modules.
Discover ways to explore the options for extending and overriding functionality provided by Drupal core and other modules.
Target Audience
A person who has done some site building and has run into limitations or simply wants to try out developing with code.

The only recommendation is to have done some site building with Drupal, and so having familiarity with Drupal configuration and its limits. Information gained will be equally relevant to Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.


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