Essential Sketch skills: From branding to development - Jennifer Smith

Oct 22, 2020


The Sketch App provides the power, flexibility, and speed needed to intuitively create functional, high-resolution, interactive prototypes that can be sent directly to development and include valuable specifications and assets.

This live demonstration of Sketch includes a typical workflow, from design to development, along with multiple tips and tricks that will help design and development teams work together faster and more efficiently.

Consistency in branding is important, in this session you find out how Sketch offers shareable libraries that keep everyone on board with updates and branding elements such as font styles, colors, buttons, and other controls.

Full Description

Sketch is a tool that can be shared by both designers and developers to build a final, more cohesive product. With the vast number of plug-ins available, Sketch’s capabilities are hard to match. Whether a UX lead, visual designer, researcher, or developer, or other members of a successful team, you should be familiar with Sketch’s capabilities.

* Understanding pages, artboards, layers and more
* Importance of naming conventions
* Quick tips you can use to rapidly build your UI
* Importing, building, and sharing branding elements in libraries
* Creating and organizing symbols, object and type styles
* Sending assets and specs to development
* Discover how to transition your design to development

About Jennifer Smith, Co-founder of American Graphics Institute, Sketch Ambassador for Boston Area

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