News, Issues, Q&A; Contrib Half Hour, 2021-04-29

Apr 29, 2021

Another news, issues, Q&A chat.

This week I found something funny: A little program for macOS and Windows that makes a mischievous goose run around the screen:

All 2020 & 2021 recordings are finally online!

There were two security issues this week, one related to a false-positive on the Archive_Tar library, and another an update for Composer that only affects projects that use Mercurial (hg) to download programs, not git or regular packaged downloads.

DD&I Camp 2021 is coming in June!

Decoupled Days: July 14-15

The last DrupalFest 2021 support desk is tomorrow:

We then looked at some issues for the Backup & Migrate module, along with a discussion on the differences between the 8.x-4.x and 5.0.x releases, and a general discussion on branch compatibilities of Drupal 8 and 9 modules.

The Mediacurrent Contrib Half-Hour is a weekly meeting from Mediacurrent to support the Drupal community. Each week we discuss a topic related to working within the Drupal community and the tools available to us.

Full schedule is posted on our project page:

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