Fast Paced Drupal 8: Accelerating Development with Composer, Drupal Console, and Services [3/23/16]

Mar 24, 2016

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We’ve heard that developing with Drupal 8 is fast by default, but does that extend to your development process? There are new tools in Drupal 8 that can accelerate your day-to-day work, and will help you master rapid development in Drupal 8.

Join Myplanet’s Erin Marchak as she does a live walk through of building a site install with Composer, developing a module with Drupal Console, and ingesting external content with Services, all within 1 hour. In this demonstration of Drupal 8’s improved developer experience, topics covered will include:
• Dependency management using Composer
• Content ingestion using Guzzle PHP
• Code scaffolding using Drupal Console
• Configuration management using Drupal Console
• Drupal 8’s Services and Dependency Injection

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