How Financial Services Firms Are Using Digital to Improve the Customer Experience

Mar 31, 2016

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Digital transformations continue to disrupt industry after industry. For financial services in particular, buyers are often customers for life, and brand experiences must be on par with customer expectations. So, how do you set a digital standard that meets the needs of the modern customer? Two well-known finance brands are finding a solution to these needs in open source technology.

While the brands’ approaches vary greatly, from forward-thinking to conventional, their focus is the same: building better, richer customer experiences while simultaneously reaching organizational goals.

Join Acquia and Third and Grove in this webinar, hosted by WBR Digital, to learn how two leading financial services firms are using digital to:
• Re-platform in six weeks, ft. moving over 1,000 pages from its legacy site
• Create a more engaging experience for visitors, ft. TPG Capital (with over $75 billion under management)
• Automate A/B testing and determine the right content for the highest conversions
• Deploy a responsive theme to keep pace with a rapidly expanding mobile payment market

Speakers: David Aponovich - Senior Director of Digital Experience, Product Marketing, Acquia; Justin Emond - CEO & Founder, Third and Grove; Tony Severo - Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Third and Grove; Mark Lavoritano - Strategy and Design Manager, Third and Grove

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