How Tampa General Hospital Is Becoming a Trusted Consumer Brand [June 16, 2016]

Jun 18, 2016

What do a coffee shop, healthcare provider and credit card company have in common? While this may sound like the start to a bad joke, all three brands are working toward a common end goal: driving loyalty and increasing engagement.

Coffee shops and credit card companies work to serve the needs of their consumers. As healthcare evolves, its core audience is no different, and healthcare must begin to view their patients as consumers. Both groups are seeking frictionless experiences from search to sale, whether that involves researching a doctor and booking an appointment online, or customizing a drink on your mobile device and ordering it for pickup.

In this webinar, hosted by Hospitals & Health Networks, you will hear from CTO of Tampa General Hospital, Rich Phillips, on how his team is leveraging consumer best practices to:
• Manage and improve the patient journey across the Pre, During, and Post stages
• Adopt a mobile-first approach to a seamless, simplistic and comprehensive online experience
• Use personalization tools to produce targeted, and mindful patient interactions

About Hospitals & Health Networks: Hospitals & Health Networks is a B2B brand designed for hospital system executives and emerging leaders. Through peer-to-peer guidance and analysis of best practices, innovative strategies and real-world solutions, H&HN identifies emerging trends and presents hospital and health system leaders with ways to transform their organizations to provide better health care at more efficient costs.


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