Taxonomy inside and outside of Drupal

Jun 26, 2016

Robert Huffstedtler (rhuffstedtler)

Drupal's core taxonomy system is substantially more powerful and flexible than those offered by most competing CMSes. Most site builders only scratch the surface of what it can do. In this presentation, we'll talk about what a taxonomy is, the use cases that a well thought out taxonomy enables, the reasons that Drupal's taxonomy system is so good, and the steps you need to take to define your taxonomy before you start trying to put it in Drupal. This session is aimed primarily at site builders and non-developer project stakeholders, but everyone should be able to get something out of it.

Many conversations about taxonomy start and end with what happens in the Drupal user interface. This session will describe not only the Drupal specific steps, but the overall methodology that one uses to develop the taxonomy.
Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

Items covered in this presentation

- What is a taxonomy?
- What do taxonomies allow you to do?
- Dynamic views of categories
- Faceted search
- Personalization
- How Do I Build a Taxonomy
- Content Sampling and Analysis
- Stakeholder Worksessions
- Testing and Revision
- Educate and Tag
- Why is Drupal Awesome for Taxonomy
- Built in taxonomy capabilities
- Fieldable terms and vocabularies
- views integration
- Contrib Modules: Taxonomy Explorer
- Things that Taxonomy people want

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