Know yourself first: how it took us 8 years to figure it out

Jun 27, 2016

Ivan Stegic (ivanstegic)

Do you know what you stand for? Do you know what your company stands for? What it values? Why it even exists? Why do you get up in the morning and do what you do? In the summer of 2015, TEN7 sought out to define and document what we truly believe as an organization... so, we hired Employee Strategies (, a team of amazing humans who truly wanted to help us figure it out. As a company, we went through a process for defining our WHY statement, what our values are, and what constitutes behavior that we deem acceptable, and what doesn't. It's helped us be clearer in our communications with each other; it's helped us know what kinds of clients we want to work with; it's even helped us during the hiring process.

In this session, co-presented by Ivan from TEN7 and Eric from Employee Strategies, we'll cover:
* why we did what we did
* how events unfolded
* what tangible things we were left with after the process was completed
* what we learned about each other and ourselves
* how we use these things in business, marketing, picking clients, talking to each other and even using Slack.

This will be a touchy-feely session in which we hope to share this process so that others might consider it for themselves in the hope that work lives are improved elsewhere.

Co-presented with Eric Zakovich from Employee Strategies.…

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