DrupalCon Dublin 2016: Who cares about Drupal? How to win the hearts and minds of businesses

Sep 27, 2016

If you're in the Drupal business you can have a thriving practise, for clients that are already on Drupal or are considering adopting it. The demand for Drupal is good news for us. For now. For most clients we may fix needs for a CMS and other functional solutions. But many clients have deeper, underlaying challenges that may tear at the fabric of that solid Drupal pipeline. While you may have a Drupal sponsor within your client's organisation, the business side within that organisation is steadily maturing and will be demanding help with bootstrapping their organisation towards online revenue and measurable return on investment. They will be asking you about digitally transforming their online precense and work in line with their online strategy. If not, you may start building up a network around you with wich to combine forces to help clients in their next step, beyond the requirements and choice for some specific CMS.

In this session I will share insights and experience of client-service optimization and how to win the hearts-and-minds of organisations that are progressing in their digital maturity and requiring Service Design. Delivering a CMS is only half of the requirements for succes. How drag-n-drop made sense for the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of enterprise scale companies. How does online strategy and customer experience increase your chances on winning med to large size Drupal webprojects.


Service Design: How to connect with CMO's, CIO's and decision makers beyond a list of requirements
Helping (potential) clients overcome their fears 
Defintion of Succes 
Qualifying your clients based on their digital maturity and applying the right strategy to win and succeed in digital projects
The Boyscout Rule: working together as a team
Target audience: Business owners, sales reps, technical architects of Drupal delivering agencies that want to know what it takes to sell larger Drupal projects.

The goal is to inspire to focus beyond delivering Drupal platforms based on requirements alone so that agencies may broaden their service portfolio to help more businesses and organisations.

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