Unifying Content + Data: Why Context is the Future of Digital Experiences [September 29, 2016]

Sep 29, 2016

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Building a platform and strategy that will take your digital experiences into the next 5 years means stepping into uncharted territories. No one knows each device or channel that will be most popular in the future. With the pace of technology growth, predicting what you’ll need or what the preferred device will be, in even a few years, is incredibly difficult. While today you may think about mobile applications and websites, a few years from now augmented and virtual reality could be your largest growth potential.

By looking at the foundation of a well executed personalization program, we can set ourselves up for success and ensure we have the right tools. One of the main principles is that you will need to unify your sources of both content and of context, or user profile data. This unification will lead to smarter applications, better analytics and more possibilities to drive genuinely meaningful experiences for your customers.

Explore our future digital landscape with Digital strategist, Melanie Poitras and Dave Ingram and to learn about:
• Current and future use cases - ranging from in-store kiosks, to IoT and automobiles
• How systems of record for content and user profiles are converging to build a platform fit for the future
• What you need in place to build and optimize the digital experience of tomorrow
• 5 things you should be doing today, regardless of your current personalization maturity


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