Successes and Challenges When Managing Large Scale Drupal Projects [November 17, 2016]

Nov 18, 2016

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Large scale Drupal projects are a special breed of Drupal project typically found with large enterprise customers. They involve managing multiple initiatives, partners, stakeholders and product owners. When development is performed by round-the-clock, globally distributed teams, project management complexity compounds. It’s critical that everyone understands the part they need to play. When executing projects with this scale, it can become challenging to maintain efficient agile workflows.

To give your next large scale project team a head start, we've identified processes and methodology improvements that can be easily implemented to make your Drupal project successful. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how an effective Drupal project manager can keep everyone on task, on track, and prepared for worst case scenarios.

Specifically, we’ll:
• Review key elements of communication that uphold the agile process
• Discuss elements of good team management: from delivery and infrastructure support to product owner and stakeholder
• Talk through key tools and practices to keep your project humming

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