DrupalCon Vienna 2017: Better together, a client/agency relationship based on trust and value

Sep 27, 2017

Relax, take a deep breath and answer to a few questions below:

1. Have you ever had different expectations with the client?
2. Did your client have limited budget for the project?
3. Have you made a promise to make everything right from the next project?
4. Have you ever had a client that wasn't involved into the project as you expected?
5. Have you seen how your team lose passion on some projects?
6. Did you receive feedback that service was uncomfortable for the client?
7. Have you had communication gap or any other problems in comunication?

In case if you answered "yes" to any of those questions or you just want to learn more about development of relationships with client, we'll helo you with that! Relationships and empathy are the most important things in our lives, so they drive our performance, efficiency and happines!

Who are the speakers

We're technical people! You may think "How these guys may talk about business?" or "How they may help me to build relationships with client?"... Who if not us? Really! We know all that pain, because we're working directly with clients so many years! We want to share with you how things that you may not even notice, actually build the relationships, trust and empathy.

What we're going to talk about

We'll walk you through all phases of the project and share our main tips & tricks that you may use. We encourage everyone to start using them, because it will be happy everyone. And we all know, Happy clients == happy business!

Also the main problem that traditional “client/vendor” paradigm doesn’t work anymore. In order to meet the challenges of the market today businesses must re-examine this relationship based on mission alignment, shared culture and common values. This session provides specific cases of how to build a successful relationship based on trust and common values:

Setting up correct expectations from the beginning
Sharing passions and engade everyone around you
Understanding of shared success
Getting more out of the team, align on mission and core belief
Transparency, transparency and transparency
Being part of the team
Strategy “We pay, you do all the work” doesn’t work anymore
Collaborating and co-designing
Being close to the business itself
Using Customer feedback to improve products and services
Since your success totally depends on client’s business success, attend this session to learn how to achieve that. This session is for all levels of users.

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