Front-end Tooling: A Panel Discussion

Jun 29, 2018

Chris Wells
Randy Dean Oest
Rob Bayliss

Stephen Cross (Owner of Parallax) will moderate this panel discussion around front-end tools.

There's so many front-end tools out there it can be overwhelming, We'll bring together some community members to talk about what they're currently using and why.

The panel discussion will center around:

what tools people are using as their go-to workflow. Bundler and Ruby Gems? Bower, NPM, Yarn?
what about preprocessing and post-processing, autoprefixer, etc? Ruby Sass, Dart Sass, or Node Sass/Libsass?
what about front-end JavaScript - still using mostly jQuery, or have you embraced React, Vue, or some other framework? Are you using ES6 with Babel? Webpack?
using the right tool to fit your project's siza and budget…

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