The first 5 Drush commands

Jul 02, 2018

In this video, I will show you the first 5 Drush commands that you have to know.

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Here are the commands as used in the video:

1. Check which version of Drush do you have or if you have at all:
drush --version

2. Clear the cache:
drush cr

3. Check the last log messages:
drush ws

4. One time login
drush uli

5. Database backup
Please check this link since I can't put angle brackets in YouTube video description:

6. Database import

If you are very careful, you saw that I wrote that I said I am going to first show drush status. Well, that is something you could check by yourself - it is a command that shows you most of the info of the Drupal status page. Here is the documentation for it and there you can find handy examples of all the drush commands:

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