Drupal Dev Days Lisbon 2018 - 4th Wednesday part 2

Jul 04, 2018

Component-based Theming with Pattern Lab and Twig


Speaker: Adam Juran (https://www.drupal.org/u/scaragucc)


Each iteration of Drupal introduces new and innovative ways to manage content. CCK and Views transformed how we could display teasers in lists. Display Suite granted us granular control of display modes, and more recently Paragraphs shifted the content management paradigm, simultaneously giving Content Managers greater control of content flow while also encouraging theming with components.

The evolution of theming techniques has paralleled these advances: page-centric design has given way to component-based design. This session will demonstrate the power and beauty of recent developments in component-based theming. We'll quickly review the necessary array of tools, and then discuss components both individually and as part of larger system. Then you'll learn how unify Pattern Lab's and Drupal's template markup, and finally leverage UI Patterns to allow developers to select templates via the UI.

In this session we'll cover:

Gesso theme and Tools
A brief overview of the Gesso 2.0 theme and tools (Composer, PatternLab, NPM and Grunt) to create a streamlined workflow.
Individual components and component architecture
Defining individual components and then creating whole component systems in Pattern Lab by grouping and nesting them into larger structures with YAML.
Pattern Lab to Drupal
Making PatternLab our canonical source using the Component Libraries module and Twig namespacing.
Drupal to Pattern Lab
Examine the UI Pattern Library module and how it integrates with Field Formatters, Display suite and Panels.

Learn as you organise!


Speaker: Surabhi Gokte


There are many ways you learn anything new that interests you, like attending classes for the same, talking to ones who have done it already etc. But what I believe is that the best way to learn something is doing it practically!

Here, I am talking about learnings you can get while organising an event (example local Drupal Camps). In my opinion, there are so many things one can acquire when working towards making the event successful and that is what I will be presenting in this session.

Session Overview:

This session targets the audience who are new to the community and would like to understand how and what can be learned as an organiser of an event in Drupal Community.

The session will contain:

How to look for an event?
Which kind of event to go for?
What to focus on?
How to gain maximum learning out of it?

Decoupled Drupal and Vue.js


Speaker: Preston So (https://www.drupal.org/u/prestonso)


Vue.js is a younger JavaScript framework than the big names like Angular, React, and Ember. However, it already has a sizable following, a very positive developer experience, and momentum in its sails. Its creators pulled many of the things developers liked the most from Angular and React: a fast virtual DOM, reactive view components, and Angular-like HTML directives. They blended these together, and made them even better! As a result, Vue.js is lighter-weight, has a virtual DOM that’s even faster than React’s, and has a gentler learning curve.

This session will introduce you the Vue.js framework and why you might want to chose it for your next project. We will demonstrate creating a single-page Vue.js application, and how it can be use to build a decoupled architecture with Drupal as a back end. Here are some of the questions we'll answer together:

Why Vue.js?
Vue.js' MVVM flow
How can I build a fully decoupled single-page Vue.js application?
How can I foster communication between Vue.js and Drupal 8?
How can I work in an MVC paradigm in Vue.js?
What are the implications of Drupal-backed Vue.js?

Attendees should have experience with ES6/ES2015 JavaScript. Some familiarity with another JavaScript framework, such as React or Angular, may also be helpful.

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