Decoupled Drupal: What This Means for Developers [November 3, 2015]

Aug 23, 2018

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Recently, decoupled content management has been taking the front-end world by storm as developers seek new ways to leverage battle-tested back ends alongside more flexible, extensible front ends. JavaScript frameworks with ever-quickening advances and native applications can integrate seamlessly with "headless" back ends such as Drupal by bypassing the theme layer completely.

What are some of the implications of this newly decoupled world for front-end Drupal developers and designers? In this webinar, gain insight into the trends and new ideas emerging on the topic of decoupled Drupal. Also learn about decoupled Drupal against the backdrop of the rapidly changing front-end ecosystem, taking into consideration the impacts in areas such as Web Components, abstract DOMs, Drupal’s theme layer, and presentation.

Designers, front end developers, and Drupal themers of all skill levels will benefit from this webinar. Attendees will learn:
• Advantages and disadvantages of going headless, as well as for going with a JavaScript framework
• Managing content and headless Drupal - what this means for developers
• How to integrate with frameworks and native applications
• The future of markup and the theme layer, as well as the future of the front end and Drupal

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