Stay Hungry. An appetite for New Business

Mar 24, 2019

Brett Tesmer, Elevated Third, Inc.

Agencies need new business to survive. Period. Without that stream of revenue, it strains leadership teams by making them wear too many hats. It becomes highly difficult to do everything at the highest level, therefore, implementing a new business strategy into the fabric of an organization, across all departments, and clearly paving a path for its success is what will increase revenue and what we want to educate people on.

The new business department is the face of the agency and the first interaction a prospective client has with the agency, so it’s critical that the new business teams runs and acts like every other department in the organization. After all, the new business team is responsible for having a solid baseline knowledge of each department and the synergies between them during the life of a project, so having department-wide buy-in is paramount.

During the presentation we’ll discuss the importance of a dedicated new business department, how to create foundational process across each department, the transition of a converted lead, and effective methods to acquire new business opportunities. With the growing number of Drupal agencies, it’s important to learn how to diversify your new business approach and take advantage of the many tracking and analytics tools to achieve success. Having this understanding will greatly aid in an agency’s growth and provides the lowest barrier of entry for new business prospects.

Reasons Why This is an Important Topic:

New business revenue is the lifeline of an agency
Allows a clear distinction of roles and responsibilities; lessens the burden of individuals wearing too many hats
Provides a platform to integrate right away to grow the business
Increases new business opportunities through strategy
Who is this Topic Tailored to:

C-Level Suite
Sales Departments
Company Owners
Small to Medium Sized Agencies
Brett Tesmer
Business Development Specialist @ Elevated Third, Inc.…

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