Getting Started with Bootstrap 4 using Radix in Drupal 8

Mar 26, 2019

Radix is a Bootstrap 4 powered theme which is set up out-of-the-box to compile the Bootstrap library locally. It is targeted towards advance front-end developers who want total control on how Bootstrap is loaded and comes with Browsersync and Font Awesome built-in. The theme doesn't support loading Bootstrap via a CDN out-of-the-box.

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📽 Sections:

1. Install Radix (01:31)
2. Create sub-theme (03:30)
3. Enable sub-theme (05:22)
4. Compile Bootstrap (06:07)
5. Fix blocks and regions (07:23)
6. Using Browsersync (npm run watch) (13:00)
7. Using Radix Layouts (15:49)
8. Using Radix Layouts with Field Layouts (19:43)
9. Using Radix Layouts with Layout Builder (23:56)

- Bario tutorial:
- Display Suite:

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