Create Pages using Gutenberg (WordPress Editor) in Drupal 8

Apr 04, 2019

Gutenberg is the new editor for WordPress 5.0. It's a new style of editor/page builder. Instead of writing text in a single text area, you build a page using blocks. A block could be something simple such as a paragraph or an image. Or more complex blocks like a "Media & Text" or adding in columns.

The editor itself is written in Javascript, more specifically React. This is what makes it possible to be used in Drupal. But I'm sure extra works was required to get it working in Drupal.

In this tutorial, you'll learn to install and configure the Gutenberg module, and you'll learn how to use it on the Page content type.

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📽 Sections:

1. Download and Install Gutenberg (01:15)
2. Configure Gutenberg on Page content type (02:01)
3. How to use Gutenberg editor (03:21)
4. Upload images into Gutenberg (06:55)
5. Create reuseable blocks (11:02)
6. Use Gutenberg Cloud (15:42)
7. Learn how the Gutenberg data is stored in Drupal (20:31)

- Gutenberg Module (
- Gutenberg Cloud (

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