DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Pattern Lab: The Definitive How-to

Apr 12, 2019

(Hosted by Evan Lovely, the Pattern Lab PHP maintainer, creator of the original Phase2 Pattern Lab Starter that launched in 2015, and the CTO of Basalt, a company focused on building Design Systems. Evan has architected Design Systems using Pattern Lab for Drupal sites for Pinterest, MAC Cosmetics, and Arsenal - which recently won a Webby.)

You've undoubtably heard of Pattern Lab, attended a few sessions, read some blog posts, or perhaps have a starter theme of your own. There's more you can learn and best practices around how to set it up.

Learn about the specific tooling needed to integrate Pattern Lab and Drupal for ease of use and maintenance
Learn about strategies and file structures that make it easier to work with the Twig templates.
Stop asking how to get Drupal to consume Pattern Lab, and start asking how to get Drupal to consume reusable components that have a helpful demonstration and documentation.
Review many strategies that make it easier, not harder to demo your files and work with dummy data.

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