DrupalCon Seattle 2019: Saving the world from bad websites.

Apr 18, 2019

"Saving the world from bad websites." This is our compelling saga at Chromatic. We've spent years growing and evolving as a team and it has taken time for us to land on this phrase as our compelling saga. In this talk, we'll explore the idea of a compelling saga for an agency, what it is, and why it's important. This concept comes from a book titled "High Altitude Leadership" where the author explores leadership principles learned from mountaineering expeditions. We'll discover how these same leadership principles can be applied to our industry.

We will cover:

What a compelling saga is and why you should have one for your Agency.
How these change and evolve as your agency grows.
The cultural impact of all team members being able to articulate the compelling saga.
How buy-in or lack of can mean life or death of your agency.

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