Vladimir Roudakov - To Drupal or not to Drupal: a closer look at Wix and Wordpress

Jul 14, 2019

4th December 2018

I built same website using Wix, Wordpress and Drupal. This session compares 3 different technologies and their tools. There are number of things we can learn from Drupal alternatives and number of things Drupal can teach them.

Hi! I'm Karim Boudjema, the developer and site-builder of this site. I'm currently working as a freelance Drupal developer.

I was wondering how could I giving back to the Drupal community all what it gave to me during the last 10 years, that's how the idea of this site came to me ... (read more)

Hi! I’m Santiago Rico, the web designer and themer of this site.

When Karim proposed me to design and theme this site for the Drupal community, I accepted immediately because the community is the main reason why I love Drupal so much.