Drupal 8 Entity Construction Kit (ECK) - Daily Dose of Drupal Episode 224

Aug 29, 2019

The Drupal 8 Entity Construction Kit (ECK) Module allows you to use the Drupal admin interface to build custom entity types. Sometimes you need additional data structures in your Drupal site and it doesn’t make sense to create it as a content type, this is where the ECK module comes in. Using it, you can create your custom entity data structures in Drupal 8 and add fields to them, similarly to how you build out content types.

These custom entity types can be themed and styled similarly to content types, but there are some differences. The general rule of thumb I recommend following is to think if you want the data to be displayed as a page that the website visitor will view. If you want a website visitor to access that information at a specific URL and you may want to add things such as comments, metatags, or more to this information, then a content type makes sense. If you don’t want a website visitor to access this information on it’s own page, and instead are going to use this information as more backend data or information that will feed into a page (but not require its own page), then ECK is the perfect fit.

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