DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: How to start contributing to Drupal without Code

Oct 29, 2019

Paul Johnson
CTI Digital, Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Not all of us are destined or even want an illustrious role as in core or contributed module developer. I don’t even know how to roll a patch and by now I’d be dangerous in git. If you've ever struggled to find a way to contribute this IS the session for you.

It is a common misconception about contributing to open source is that you need to contribute code. Historically open source projects have neglected non code contributions. “You’ll do the project a huge favor by offering to pitch in with these types of contributions!”

My passion has always been in non code contributions and I want to help those of you who have yet to find your outlet, or want to get more involved.

This session will be a bountiful selection of impactful ways you can start to contribute to Drupal outside of the code, sourced from community members across the globe and in all manner of interest areas, many you may have yet to realise.

What you'll gain from attending
By the time this session is done, hopefully I will have inspired you and identified specific people and places to go to start your contrib journey!

Who is the target audience?
If you occupy any of the following roles or have skill sets in these areas the content I've prepared will be particularly pertinent and valuable.

Customer (end user of Drupal) - Product owner, Content Manager, Site owner, Evaluators, CTO, CMO
Agency - Founders, owners, managers, sales and marketing
Promoter - Copywriter, marketing, SEO, social media
Creative - Business analysts, UX Designer, Visual Designer, Content Strategist, Translator
Facilitator - Project Manager PM, Manager / agency owner, (Events / conference organiser), Mentor
Connector - Trainer, HR, sales person, Recruiter (yes you can contribute too!)

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