DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Digital Transformation of Customer Selfcare in a Developing Country

Oct 30, 2019

Sheikh Faiyaz Moorsalin
Ergo Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ergo Ventures Pvt. Ltd. [https://www.ergo-ventures.com] and the proposed speaker both are working in Drupal platform for more than 8 years now. Started the journey with Drupal 6. Now working with Drupal 7 and gradually migrating to Drupal 8.
During the aforementioned time , about 25 projects developed in Drupal platform have been deployed and maintained.
As a Drupal agency in Bangladesh(a developing country in South Asia), we are providing enterprise grade solution and ecommerce platform to several clients. One of our prestigious clients is a telecom giant with 70 million+ subscriber base in Bangladesh. In this session, we are going to share the minor and major challenges faced by us during the development and deployment lifecycle of this product family.

We have developed their official website, online self-care services for their customers and an ecommerce platform for devices pertaining to the telecom industry.
With Drupal 7 core we have built more than 20 custom modules and customized the ubercart for ecommerce user journey.
Apart from development we are also managing the server infrastructure as the site is hosted in client's premises due to government regulation regarding data safety.
Currently the site is serving near about 120K daily visitor maintaining response KPI of 2 seconds.

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