DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Don't trust, verify

Oct 30, 2019

Nikola Krstic
DiploFoundation, Belgrade, Serbia

Every educational institution has to cover successful graduation process with an adequate certificate. We are living in the digital age and according to that the good old standard printed certificates are almost obsolete.
The new digital certificates stored and protected into Blockchain is potential future of the certification process.

This presentation covers whole process to store digital certificates into Blockchan.
First part presents MIT solution. MIT solution is mostly proof of concept with next shortcomings:

* All code is written in Python
* Whole process is too complex (preparing Python environments in command line, using Docker and etc...) for an university officer
* That process asks for a highly skilled developer to issue certificates
* all in all - not user friendly solution

Main goal was to develop a user friendly environment for our company officer to easy issue student Blockchain certificates. All our main sites are on Drupal platform and logical choice was Drupal based solution.
Drupal based solution covers whole process:
* Importing students list from our LMS platform
* Preparing certificates template (JSON LD)
* Issuing unsigned certificates
* Issuing signed certificates and store Merkle root into Blockchain
* Present and verify issued signed certificates at our Drupal site

All special libraries are written in PHP and carefully incorporated into Drupal environment to use full potential of Drupal as our mainstream platform .

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