DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: A Journey of Building a Media Publishing Platform

Oct 30, 2019

Kapil Kataria, Rupa Mistry
Srijan Technologies Pvt Ltd

In this session I will share my experiance working with over 35 team members on same code base which is a Multi-site project. The Project has so many wow factors and lesson's to be learned that can be segragated into :

Architecture : It works on a Multi-site Architecture of Drupal 8, but we can deploy any single brand individually with their respective configuarations with ease as a normal project.

Platform/Profile : We have created one core profile based on Acquia lightning that shares common code base on all the brands, Rest all brand level features is placed in Brand Level Itself.

DevOps/Environment/Continuos Integration : We have written Jenkins jobs based on aliases of the brand and extended some of the Acquia BLT functionality so that we can deploy one specific brand without any problem. BLT has played an important role that helped from begining ( Setting up a local Environment ) till Prod Deployment on Acquia Cloud. Over 40 sites using same code base and release management

Governance : As I mention we are 35 in count on same code base, you can imagine the chances of getting conflicts! but no we tried to manage our repository quite well and we have minimal amount of conflicts.

Component Based Approach : The project is Divided into Components that can be re-used across all the brand and even with different themes, Thanks to Pattern-lab!!.

Ease Of Use : Editor's can design their page themselves and can change even the layouts, Thanks to Panels!!

Take Away for attendees:

Best practises for managing configuaration files in Multi-site Architecture.
Best practises to be followed for Governance and Continuos Integration.
A good overview of a Enterprise Product.
Good start for Component-Based Thinking.

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