DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Security, Drupal 9, and Navigating the Changing Web Landscape

Oct 30, 2019

Jess (xjm)
Acquia, United States

Drupal 8 core has made its way "off the island" by leveraging industry standards like semantic versioning, package management, third-party libraries, and other external tools. This shift brings a lot of benefits, but has also impacted how we manage release schedules, backwards compatibility, and security. Drupal isn't alone in experiencing these impacts; they affect many CMSes, frameworks, and individual applications. This session explores some of the impacts, including addressing some of the following questions

- What's different about Drupal 8?
- What will be different about Drupal 9?
- ...And what about Drupal 10?
- How do third-party libraries affect release schedules and security procedures?
- What are some of the risks and drawbacks for applications using package managers like Composer, npm, and yarn?
- How can those risks be mitigated?
- Can (or should) we head back to the island?

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