DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Content Management as Critical Success Factor for Personalized Medicine

Nov 01, 2019

Rudolf Koopmann, Markus Kalkbrenner
bio.logis GIM GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

"Did you know that Drupal is part of a CE-certified Medical Device Class 1 in Europe?"

Personalized medicine isn't just a buzzword anymore. The number of scientific findings and the knowledge about different factors of an individual patient that influence medical decisions grow every day.

But the quick increase of data and knowledge raises common technology problems like
- managing content and knowledge
- ensure quick findability and easy access
- translating content
- quality assurance and workflows
- ...

Such technical topics should be well-known and per definition addressed by a "Content Management System".

The "ubiquitous pharmacogenomics" project (U-PGx) is funded by the European Union and leverages bio.logis' Genetic Information Management Suite - and therefore Drupal as CMS.
The system is established in hospitals across seven European countries to run a study with approximately 8000 patients to accomplish the project's goals:

“Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions"

"Making effective treatment optimization accessible to every european citizen”

Every patient is different, and so is their response to certain drugs. While a certain medication might show good efficacy in one person without causing any adverse drug events, another patient might experience insufficient efficacy or adverse reactions when taking the same drug. These differences in drug response are partly attributable to individual genetic differences, so-called ‘pharmacogenomic (PGx) variants’. Testing patients for these PGx variants allows healthcare providers to provide their patients with a more personalized drug therapy, ultimately helping to increase the efficacy and safety of medical treatments.

Quote from http://upgx.eu/study/

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