DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Drupal marketing headstart for local associations

Nov 01, 2019

Jeroen van den Berg
Dutch Drupal Association, Rotterdam, Netherlands

An update on the marketing efforts by the the Dutch Drupal Association to promote Drupal to a broad audience of potential Drupal brands, users and decision makers.

- Understanding your audience
- How we started to invest into marketing
- About scaling our camp Drupaljam (500 attendees) into 2 days, including a separate Business Day
- How we do advertising
- Hiring a marketing professional
- Reaching businesses with relevant Drupal content
- Maintaining a Partner Program

Promoting Drupal is as essential as getting a next release out. Bringing together people and agencies already part of the Drupal ecosystem is great. Reaching potential new users and brands is just as important. In 2018 we started reaching potential new developers, brands and organisations and establish Drupal as a solid alternative to their digital experience platforms. With the Promote Drupal initiative underway and our paying partners calling on us to invest on increasing awareness, we have gained momentum on promoting Drupal.

Only by uniting associations in common branding and marketing, can we increase the use of Drupal further. This session is about sharing and kickstarting your local marketing in joint effort.

Jeroen van den Berg is Head of Production and Partner at Burst. With his technical background he talks to clients about business value and technology. Jeroen is a teacher at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and a member of the advisory board. Jeroen is board member at the Dutch Drupal Association and part of its marketing team with a strong focus towards potential Drupal users and developers.

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