"Highly processed migrations" - Eric Goodwin (DrupalSouth Hobart 2019)

Nov 28, 2019

Eric Goodwin


With many sites moving to Drupal 8 over the last few years, I'm sure many of you have had to write some serious migrations to move content from the existing site to the new site. Migrations tend to get tricky when the old data isn't clean, doesn't have a consistent format or is the wrong style to match up to your new data model. That's where process plugins come in, out of the box and with a few handy modules from contrib, there are a range of powerful process plugins available to help you process your old data into a clean and consistent format ready to be imported into your new website.
This talk will go over some of the available process plugins in core migrate and from some common migrate contrib modules as well at looking at ways you can use them and combine them for powerful results.

In 2019, for the first time, DrupalSouth is heading under-down-under to Hobart.

Join us at The Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart, on the 28th and 29th of November, as we witness presentations from some of Drupal's finest. As always the chance for discussions, networking and learning all things Drupal are endless.

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