Using tools and Git workflow best practices to simplify your local development

Jul 23, 2020

Greg Lund-Chaix of Tag1 Consulting will take you through the ins and outs of simplifying your development workflows with tools and tips and tricks for git.

By the end of this talk, attendees will learn about tools like ddev to simplify your local development environment and... Git workflow best practices that includes

narrowly focused branching
push & pull often
git merge vs git pull --rebase including NEVER merging your own code
pre-commit code sniffing/linting
and more if available
Meet our speaker:

Greg Lund-Chaix is a Senior Performance and Infrastructure Engineer, with Tag1 Consulting. Greg specializes in performance, security, and devops workflows. Member of the infrastructure team since 2006 and Google Summer of Code mentor from 2006-2015. Greg lives in Portland ready to hit the open water or bike the open trail.

Tag1 Consulting is the 2nd all-time leading contributor to the Drupal platform. Specializing in architecting, optimizing, securing, and delivering large scale systems. We provide expert insight into configuration and infrastructure management, security, performance, HA, disaster recovery, and Drupal development services.

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