Kubernetes 101 - Episode 5 - Scaling Drupal in K8s

Dec 16, 2020

In this episode, we’ll solve the problem we ran into last episode: figuring out how to scale Drupal with a shared filesystem. We'll also explore Horizontal Pod Autoscaling and high-availability database options.

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#kubernetes #kube101 #drupal


00:00 - Livestream start
01:00 - Problems Scaling Drupal
04:10 - Shared Storage Options
06:01 - Rook / CephFS
11:21 - NFS
15:13 - Set up a standalone NFS server
21:28 - Set up NFS Client Provisioner
25:48 - Adjust Drupal for NFS
36:54 - Benchmarking scaling with ab
42:05 - Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
58:39 - Scaling Databases in K8s
1:01:27 - HA Database Options
1:07:28 - amazee.io Sponsor shout-out
1:09:05 - Live Q&A
1:11:15 - Book giveaway
1:17:40 - Episode 6 preview

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