Open & Personalized User Journeys with Mautic, Drupal & Apache Unomi in a GDPR era - Nick Veenhof

Jul 06, 2021

In the era of consent, privacy and GDPR it may no longer seem acceptable to do behavioral personalization. But, personalization doesn’t have to be an Evil Big Brother.

Personalization is proven an effective way of increasing engagement. As a visitor, you feel understood. It leads to better user experience and higher conversion, as long as it’s done in all trust and consent.

Nick will explain how Drupal, Mautic and Apache Unomi can be seen as a Digital Experience Platform without lock-in, without handing over your data to an external software vendor.

The session includes a technical deep dive into Apache Unomi, how it can be used to deliver highly personalized experiences, compliant with the GDPR regulations and with respect to users trust.

This is an update of last years session that features many new possibilities like language detection, geolocation but also a Open Source integration hub UI so you can link your customer data profile to Mautic and reverse.

00:00 Mautic Conference Global 2021 Sponsors pre-roll
00:25 Introducing Nick Veenhof, CTO at Dropsolid
02:42 Topics covered in the talk
03:39 Nick introduces himself and how he got interested in DXP
04:19 How can you use personalisation in marketing automation?
06:35 How can you personalise a website based on behaviour?
07:11 How do you personalise emails based on website behaviour?
07:45 How has the web evolved to understand the intent of browsers?
09:00 User journeys online span multiple channels
09:44 How do you track user behaviour across multiple channels?
11:54 The challenge of managing profiles and segments across channels
12:52 How do you measure success with personalisation?
14:25 Adding contextual information to tracking tools
15:19 What is Apache Unomi?
17:10 Apache Unomi, Drupal and Mautic demo
18:11 Configuring Apache Unomi
18:20 Adding the Apache Unomi script
19:36 Setting up segments with Apache Unomi on Dropsolid
21:07 Setting up personalisation in Drupal
21:43 Demo of personalisation in action
24:31 Enabling Mautic to interact with Drupal and Unomi
26:55 Visualising the data in Google Data Studio
32:05 Integrating with marketing tools
34:10 Open Source Zapier alternative
37:11 The Open Digital Experience Platform
37:32 How to set up your own Open Digital Experience Platform
38:28 About Dropsolid
39:05 Questions

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